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Rail & ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)


  • Electrical surges
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Intense shock & vibration
  • EMI

Rail & ITS face special challenges, including electrical surges, extreme temperatures, EMI, and intense shock and vibration. We know what it takes to keep a system running safely through these issues.

Tri-M designed, upon customer request, a GPS communications card and a custom enclosure in order to enable full time recording of locomotive trains and connect to a variety of devices allowing for event recording, fuel monitoring and signaling equipment with constant connectivity to enterprise systems. Other features include GPS tracking of mobile assets to within 3 meters for location, speed and heading.

Our expertise in engineering the right solution for each application has been proven by our impressive track record. We leverage 20 years of embedded industry experience to engineer products and systems that work right and don't fail. With hundreds of thousands of systems operating flawlessly around the world, our customers insist on using Tri-M Technologies for their power solution and embedded system needs.

All of our power supplies and communication boards are engineered to ensure they can withstand the rigors of harsh environments. Normal operating conditions are anything but normal for rail equipment. From the wide variance in available input power to shock, vibration and dust, Tri-M's embedded systems are robust enough to handle even the most extreme environments.

Every project we do is customized to meet your exact needs. Ask our Application Engineers about a solution for your project!

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