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Debugging tool with PC/104 header and LED display



The POSTCODE104/ISA is a ‘Power On Self Test’ (POST) code board that is an excellent microprocessor based debugging tool.  Featuring both a PC/104 bus and an ISA connector, POST codes can be toggled through to quickly identify any errors.  

Plugging the module onto a Single Board Computer’s PC/104 or ISA BUS provides a ‘Power On Self Test’ at system startup. POSTcodes are captured from port 80h/84h and saved in EEPROM memory. The POSTCODE104/ISA has two hundred fifty POSTcodes stored in a FIFO buffer that can be viewed via the onboard LED display. PREV and NEXT buttons on the module allow the user to toggle through the list of POSTcodes to quickly identify errors. A serial output is  provided for printing with time stamped code history. Features reset, pollling, and storage modes.  

The POSTCODE104/ISA is a standalone tool measuring 3.75” x 1.75” that runs off power supplied by the computer Bus.  


  • LED display card
  • Serial output for printing with time stamp code history
  • 250 post code storage in FIFO buffer

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Postcode104/ISA Debugging tool with PC/104 header and LED display


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postcode104_spec.pdf  Spec sheet Spec sheet for Postcode104 modules

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