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Automation & Manufacturing


  • Harsh Environments
  • Reliability and Longevity
  • Cost and Efficiency
  • Long term availability

Manufacturing and Automation systems need to work flawlessly in less than ideal environments. Monitoring and controls are needed to operate the machines, but most importantly your customers can't afford a system shut down because it will shut down a production line.

Flawless operation and robust systems are words we know well. Tri-M has been successfully providing embedded and industrial computers and power solutions to the automation and manufacturing industry for over 15 years. From intelligent lumber identification and tagging systems that operate in conditions where going fanless prevents air-borne particles from causing damage, to power supplies (DC to DC converters) that can take the shock and vibration of the most challenging environments; we build our products so they don’t fail. With hundreds of thousands of systems operating flawlessly around the world, our customers know the quality and reliability of using Tri-M Technologies for their equipment needs.

Talk to our Application Engineers about your environment and let us help you and your customers eliminate system shutdowns.

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