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Laser Engraving & Etching

Custom laser engraving and laser etching services

Manufacturer: Tri-M Technologies


Laser Engraving Service

Laser engraving is the process of permanently engraving an image into a hard surface by burning away layers of material with a high precision laser.  Tri-M's most common applications are industrial in nature, such as laser engraving products with logos, bar codes, serial numbers, or labels.  However any application where adding a grayscale image to a metal surface is necessary is a potential fit

The benefits of laser engraving fall into two categories: branding, and utility
Branding:  Laser etching logos, company name, product name, web site, or contact information onto your product helps to brand your company and grow your name recognition
Utility: Useful applications for laser engraving metal include:

  •          marking components with serial numbers or codes
  •          adding functional markings such as labelling connectors on a circuit board
  •          marking tools and consumables
  •          applying mandatory statutory markings

Laser Etching Service

Laser etching uses the same process as laser engraving, but we use this term when the intention is to mark the surface without adding significant depth by cutting deeply into the metal.  The process can be thought of as the inverse of printing, where a thin layer of material is removed instead of adding ink

Etching has industrial applications but is also popular with artists and marketers

Technical Information About Our Machine

Laser type: Galvo fiber laser
Work area: 7.48 x 7.48 inch (190  x 190 mm)
Suitable Materials: Plastics, metals, coated materials

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