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PC104-T: AC Bus Termination Modules

16 bit AC termination modules for the PC104 bus



AC termination provides increased noise immunity for mobile PC/104 applications. Vehicle environments are notoriously noisy. EMI, voltage spikes, and other noise sources can interfere with proper bus operation and corrupt data transfers. The AC termination board shown here plugs onto the end of the PC/104 stack to quiet the bus signals and increase system integrity more effectively than simple resistive termination. It can be used with any PC/104 system, with or without a PC/104 power supply module. When ordering the HE104 power supply modules, order option-T, and the bus termination components will be mounted right on the circuit board module without taking up additional height on the PC/104 stack.


  • Enhance signal quality on PC/104 bus
  • Plugs onto any PC/104 or can be built into modules
  • PC/104 bus signal terminated with 47R and 47P RC network
  • Signals are terminated with discrete components: TC C1 (330pF)
  • Reset C20 (330pF)
  • Highly compact, 3.55" x 1.15"
  • Weight: 0.99oz / 28.15g


Input voltage Plugs onto any PC/104 or installed onto modules
PC/104 Bus Signal Terminated with 47R and 47P RC Network
Signals are terminated with discrete components: TC C1 (330pF), Reset C20 (330pF)
Dimensions 3.550" x 1.15"
Weight 28.15g
Operating temperature -40 to +85°C (all boards)
Operating humidity 5% to 95% noncondensing
ROHS status ROHS compliant

Ordering Info

Part Number Description
PC104-T16-PBF 16-bit 'AC' bus termination, stackthrough
PC104-T16-NS-PBF 16-bit 'AC' bus termination, non-stackthrough


 File Type Description 
 pc104t_spec.pdf  Spec sheet Spec sheet for PC104-T modules


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