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Smart UPS PC104 Modules

These single board uninterruptible power supply (UPS) DC-DC modules include onboard backup power, and the small form factor of the PC104 footprint makes them ideal for embedded systems.  The V5SC provides the energy of batteries, while the TUP is a maintenance free solution using ultra capacitors, able to provide backup power in harsh conditions where batteries cannot operate and with a lifetime far exceeding any battery.  All Tri-M ultracapacitor products are rated for extended temperature (-40 to +85C) and for high altitude as well

These PC104 modules are most often used in mobile and/ or remote applications to power control systems and allow graceful shutdown in the event of a power interruption, or in dataloggers to prevent loss of data and file corruption.  The high effiency, rugged design, extended temp, transient suppression and smart charging capabilities found in our other PowerOS products combined with seamless UPS backup, make our single board PC104 UPS modules a unique solution in the embedded computing world

If these products do not suit your requirements please contact us to discuss how we can provide a custom or semi-custom solution

Smart UPS (PowerOS) PC104 Modules

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TUP1000: PC/104 Single Board Ultracapacitor UPS

35 or 42 Watt output Onboard Ultracapacitors Smart Charging
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PC/104 UPS and Universal Charger w/ Solar Panel Support
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V5SC-SER-UPS: Single Board Battery UPS

5V 35 Watt output, Onboard NiMh batteries, Smart Charging
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