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Rugged PC104 Enclosures

Providing an extra layer of protection from shock, vibration and the elements, the compact CanTainer and the versatile VersaTainer enclosures are the last word in security for your rugged system.  Specifically intended to protect embedded electronics such as control systems, dataloggers, remote terminals, SCADA packages or other solutions that operate in hostile environments, these enclosures are built from rugged anodized aluminum and include dual rubber shock and vibration isolating mounts to protect your PC104 and EBX boards.

CanTainer is a unique PC104 chassis specifically intended to protect mobile and embedded systems.  These enclosures accommodate any number of PC/104 and PC/104-Plus modules, their cabling and peripherals, with maximum flexibility in a minimum amount of space.  Surprisingly, these units are also priced to be used anywhere embedded electronics require a black box.

The CanTainer is a rugged PC/104 enclosure systems constructed of .125" aluminum and designed for hostile and mobile environments. It features a dual system of shock and vibration isolation: The PC/104 modules are mounted axially in the enclosure with four internal rubber corner rails to absorb high-frequency vibrations, while the entire enclosure is mounted on the host platform with a thick rubber pad which absorbs low-frequency G-forces. The rubber pad may be removed for optional mounting solutions such as hard mounting, flange endcap, or fluidic mount assembly.

The CanTainer cross section measures 6.00" wide by 5.45" high (not including mounting pad) and is designed to mount PC/104 boards axially along the entire length of the enclosure body. The enclosure is available in standard lengths from 2" and 12" with custom lengths up to 48".

VersaTainer is a compact, rugged PC/104 stack enclosure, similar to the CanTainer.  Like the CanTainer, it has a solid one-piece extruded body with internal and external shock and vibration protection.  The key difference is that the VersaTainer is a wider chassis than the CanTainer, providing generous internal space for connector and cabling requirements.  VersaTainers can also be used as EBX enclosures, as sizes VT8 and above have an optional EBX adapter available for mounting an EBX board.

Customization: Endcaps can be easily customised to meet your I/O needs.  Make our enclosures your own with custom colours & screen printing.

PC/104 & EBX Enclosures

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CanTainer: Rugged PC/104 Enclosure

Designed to carry a PC/104 stack Standard sizes: 2", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12" Custom lengths available
Product details

FlexTainer: EPIC, Mini-ITX, EBX Enclosures

EPIC, Mini-ITX, and EBX mounting system
Product details

VersaTainer: Rugged PC/104 Enclosure

PC/104 or EBX enclosure Standard sizes: 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12" Extra room for cables and accessories
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