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V5SC-SER-UPS: Single Board Battery UPS

V5SC-SER-UPS: Single Board Battery UPS

Manufacturer: Tri-M Technologies



35 Watt Single Board NiMh UPS Solution

The V5SC-SER-UPS is a smart 35 Watt DC to DC power supply with +5VDC output. It includes a flash based microcontroller that supplies advanced power management, smart battery charger and an RS232 serial port. The V5SC is designed for low noise embedded computer systems, PC/104 size to fit in a PC/104 stack, has a wide input range of 6-40V (>6:1) and is ideal for battery or unregulated input applications.


  • log runtime hours / log excessive temperature operation or shock and vibration/ log input voltage conditions and transient occurrences/ log output voltage and loads
  • setup operating parameters such as maximum and minimum operating temperature
  • ESN number to uniquely identify each unit
  • utilizes a multi-stage charging for both the built-in batteries and the external batteries
  • onboard power management function allows timed on/off control of the V5SC, notification of changes to main power and changes in the battery status


  • a constant off-time current-mode architecture regulator provides excellent line and load transient response for the +5VDC output.
  • heavy duty transient suppression up to 6,000 volts
  • ripple reduced to below 20mV
  • built-in 750mA-Hr 8.4V NiMh battery that is re-charged by the V5SC battery charger; able to provide XX minutes of backup based on X amp draw
  • state-of-the-art MOSFET based design provides outstanding line and load regulation with efficiencies up to 95 percent
  • supports external battery packs such as the BAT104-NiMh, or a non-PC/104 pack that is wired to the Battery Connector CN1.
  • provides up to four stages of battery charging and can charge Lead-Acid, NiCd, and NiMh batteries and is also SMBus level 3 compatible. Charge currents are up to 1.5A, and battery charging voltages from 9.5 to 19.5V.


  • specifically designed for vehicular applications and has heavy-duty transient suppressors (6000W) that clamp the input voltage to safe levels, while maintaining normal power supply operation.
  • low noise design makes the V5SC ideal for use aboard aircraft or military applications or wherever EMI or RFI must be minimized.
  • can be programmed to power off the outputs in 60 seconds, and then turn on again 12 hours later
  • can be configured to meet almost any power supply and battery charging need for embedded applications, whether that be a simple +5V application, or providing power for back lighted LCD panels, or a full NiMh UPS (un-interruptible power supply configuration).
  • all generated voltages are provided to screw terminals. The RS232 serial port is provided on a 2x5 row pin header.


  • High efficiency
  • Extended temperature operation
  • Rugged design
  • Transient supression
  • Power/OS
  • Full UPS with smart charging
  • PC/104 stackable


Electrical Specifications

  • 5V output 7A

Input Voltage

  • 6 to 40VDC


  • Size (W x L x H)**** 3.55” x 3.75” x 0.55”
  • Weight 6.08 oz/172.37 grams
  • Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C

Performance Characteristics

  • Peak to Peak ripple <20mV
  • Load Regulation <60mV
  • Line Regulation +/- 40mV
  • Output Temp. Drift <40mV
  • Output Ripple 20mV
  • Switching Frequency 320-330kHz
  • Maximum Input Transient 125V for100Msec
  • Efficiency up to 90%


File Type Description
V5SC-SER-UPS-Spec-Sheet.pdf Spec Sheet V5SC Spec Sheet
hesc_ups18_fw_man.pdf User Guide Firmware Manual for UPS18 based power supplies
v5scser_man.pdf User Guide V5SC Ser Manual Software Smart Charger Debugger (SCD.exe) Utility

Profiles & Software

Battery Charging Profiles

Contains the configuration of the power management, and the battery charging characteristics.
Please note the following profiles are in the hex file format.

File Description
NiMh7U21 For Tri-M BAT104-NiMh 2100/2300/2500ma-hr battery pack
NiCd-7U For Tri-M BAT104-NiCd battery pack
SLA45A For Tri-M BAT104-SLA45 battery pack
HPSprof For Tri-M HPS3512 smart power supply

Smart Charger Utility Software

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I get SCU to run under WIN2K or WINXP?
A. Windows "NT" based OS require an I/O driver such as Porttalk.

Q. How do I get SCU to run under Linux?
A. There are a number of approaches such as executing SCU.exe under the WINE enviroment.

Q. Is there an equivalent GUI for Linux as SCU for Windows?
A: Tri-M offers a GUI for Linux.

File Description
SCU.exe Files and Manual V3.0.15 Microsoft Windows based Smart Charger Utility (SCU.exe) Ver 3.0.15 software allows the User to configure and monitor HESC, V5SC and HPSC products
Linux Uploader Linux base Firmware uploaders for HESC-SER and HESC104+

Ordering Info

Part Number Description
V5SC-SER-UPS-PBF PC/104 size, In 6-40VDC, Out 35W Power Supply & Smart Charging with built-in battery pack, +5V, 750mA-Hr battery,RS-232, Serial Interface
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