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PC104 60 Watt DC-DC Power Supply HE104

HE104: 60W Rugged PC104 Power Supply

Manufacturer: Tri-M Technologies



60 Watt High Efficiency Rugged PC/104 Power Supply

The HE104 is a high efficiency, high performance DC to DC 60 watt converter that supplies 5V, 12V, -12V (optional), -5V (optional) outputs. The HE104 is specifically designed for vehicular applications requiring low noise, has an ultrawide input range of 6-40V and is ideal for battery and unregulated input applications.

The input protection circuit includes an input filter, three heavy duty transient suppressors (5000W), Mosfet reverse polarity protection and an active circuit surge stopper with Mosfet.

The HE104 5V output is a synchronouse buck regulator design that provides outstanding line and load regulation and ripple noise below 20mV. The low noise design makes the HE104 ideal for use on aircraft and military applications or wherever EMI or RFI must be minimized.

The HE104 12V output is a synchronouse boost regulator that converts the 5V rail up to 12V. This allows the main input to range from a low of 6V up to 40V while maintaining both 5V and 12V output within their specified levels.

The HE104 has a opto-isolated on/off input (SD), allowing for remote signal between 6 and 40V to control the On/Off operation of the outputs. When jumper shunt JP2 is intalled (default) the outputs will automatically turn on when main power is applied to CN1.

The HE104 is PC/104 compliant with a 16-bit PC/104 bus. All generated voltages are provided to the auxilliary power connector block CN2. A removable main input power plug allows the HE104 to be easily installed.


  • DC to DC converter for embedded applications
  • Three stage with active tranient surge stopper transient suppression on input power supply
  • Operatres from 6VDC to 40VDC input
  • PC/104 size and mounting holes
  • 60 maximum watt power supply output
  • 5V, 12V, -12V (optional) and -5V (optional)
  • Temperature range -40 to 85C (on heat spreader)
  • Opto-coupled 6 to 40V input for remote On/Off control
  • Reverse Polarity Protected


Electrical Specifications

  • 5V output* 12.0A
  • 12V output 2.5A
  • -5V output 0.4A
  • -12V output 0.5A

Input Voltage

  • 6 to 40VDC


  • Size (W x L x H)**** 3.55” x 3.75” x 0.60”
  • Weight 6.08 oz/172.37 grams
  • Temperature Range -40 to +85°C

Performance Characteristics

  • Peak to Peak ripple* <20mV
  • Load Regulation** <60mV
  • Line Regulation** 40mV
  • Output Temp. Drift** <40mV
  • Output Ripple** 20mV
  • Efficiency up to 95%


File Type Description
he104_spec_sheet.pdf Spec Sheet HE104 Spec Sheet
he104_man.pdf User Guide HE104 Version 10 Manual
he104-V11_man.pdf User Guide HE104 Version 11 Manual


Change Notice Product Change Notice July 14th, 2014

Ordering Info

Part Number Description
HE104-512-16-PBF PC/104, In 6-40VDC, Out 60 Watt, +5V@12A, +12V@2.5A, (-40 to +85°C), PC/104 Bus
HE104-512-N-PBF PC/104, In 6-40VDC, Out 60 Watt, +5V@12A, +12V@2.5A, (-40 to +85°C), No Bus
Accessories and Options
5H -5VDC @ 400mA Option
12H -12VDC @ 500mA Option
512H -5VDC and -12VDC Option
CH Humiseal conformal coating and epoxy
CON-HE104-KIT Replacement Connector Kit for HE104 power supplies
CS Silicon conformal coating and epoxy
CU Urethane conformal coating and epoxy
NS Non-Stack Through Bus, modifies N
T AC Termination Option

Orders can be placed by phone, e-mail, or through the Webstore

Product Change Notice

Product Change Notification

Date: 2014-07-14
Products affected: HE104
Purpose of change: Replace EOL components, improve efficiency and functionality
Identification of new version: PCB revision V11
List of changes and features:

  • EOL OS-CON capacitors replaced with Polymer surface mount capacitors
  • Component package type TO-220 devices have been replaced with surface mount components.
  • Main input connector replaced with a pluggable connector with locking screw flanges. The new connector is backward compatible.
  • Transient suppression have been enhanced with a high energy active surge stopper for MIL-STD-1275 requirements.
  • Schottkey reverse diode protection replaced with low loss Mosfet reverse voltage protection (now standard).
  • A 6 to 40V opto-isolated remote On/Off control input has been added and is now standard. A jumper shunt provides the ability to have the ouputs default On. Removal of the jumper shunt enables the On/Off input control.
  • Output 5V increased to 12A (from 10A)
  • Output 12V increased to 2.5A (from 2A)
  • Maximum HE104 power increased to 60W (from 50W)
  • An additional standoff in each of the front corners of the thermal heatspreader provide additional vibration and shock resistance. The mechancial mounting of the thermal heatspreader is backward compatible.
  • The order of the voltage rails on the auxilliary output connector are in the same location and order as previous HE104 models. The new On/Off control line has been added to one end of the connector block.
  • The auxilliary power screw terminal block pitch has been changed to 3.81mm from 3.5mm. This permits a wider variety of screw terminals for custom applications.
  • The auxilliary power connector can be optionally be ordered with a pluggable header with locking screw flanges (standard is screw terminals).


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