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A power supply is the heart of any computing system.  Tri-M's PC104 power solutions are designed to operate in the harsh conditions required of military and mining embedded systems.  For years these products have been setting the industry standard for embedded mobile power protection. Most well designed power supplies will protect your system from everyday dirty input power, but not all computer systems exist in such safe environments. Tri-M's power converters and UPS systems are designed to protect your system in harsh conditions, whether it's transient protection from unreliable vehicle inputs or the major jolt of a lightning surge.  They're also built durable for rugged environments, able to endure the shock, vibration, and extreme temperature conditions required of an industrial vehicle power supply; almost all of Tri-M's products meet the -40 to +85 Celsius extended temperature rating

Our PC104 and PC104+ vehicle power supplies and UPS solutions set the industry standard for reliability and ruggedized design.  With installations in the military, aerospace, mining, transportation and many other industries spanning over 20 years, many thousands of our products continue to operate flawlessly in extreme and harsh environments around the world

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PC/104 Power & UPS Modules

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HE-HP: 100W PC104 PSU Module

100 Watt output +5V, +12V Dual Inputs
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HE104+DX: 108W PC104-Plus Power Supply

108 Watt output +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V
Product details

HE104-75W: 75W PC104 Power Supply

75 Watt output +5V, +12V, -12V
Product details

HE104-DX: 60W

60 Watt output +5V, +12V, -5V and -12V
Product details

HE104: 60W Rugged PC104 Power Supply

60 Watt output +5V & +12V standard, -5V & -12V optional
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