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Uninterruptible Power Solutions for Hostile Environments

The ultraUPS are a series of backup power solutions for rugged and hostile environments where down time for servicing and power outages is unacceptable or uneconomical. All the ultraUPS units operate down to -40oC and the ultra capacitor units up to 85oC. The Li-Ion ultraUPS units have an operating temperature range of -40oC to 70oC and backup energy of 2.2 megajoules (617 watt-hours). That's enough energy to keep Tri-M's VDX104 running for over two weeks! The ultra capacitor units have an operating temperature range of -40oC to 85oC with backup energy up to 15 kilojoules (4.2 watt-hours). The 6 amp output of the ultraUPS units can be field adjusted programmed between 5V and 16V. The main input of the ultraUPS protects against vehicle “load dumps” and transients and is designed to MIL-STD-1275 requirements. The ultraUPS units also supports power direct from 15V or 30V solar panels.


  • The rugged aluminum enclosure is equipped with an anti-shock pad
  • RS232 communication port for monitoring and control
  • Power good signal, remote on/off control line and a 5V standby power
  • Supports 15V and 30V solar panels for main power supply
  • Programmable 6 amp output voltage between 5V to 16V
  • Operating Temperature Range -40C to 85C (capUPS models)
  • Operating Temperature Range -40C to 70C (Li-Ion model)
  • Three LEDs provide status of input power, backup energy and output
  • Load dump and transient protected
  • Downloads

    File Type Description
    ultraUPS-SPEC-20141016.pdf Spec Sheet UltraUPS Spec Sheet

    Ordering Info

    Part Number Description
    UPS-52M2[-x]-PBF UPS of 2.2 megajoules (617 watt-hours) Li-Ion backup
    capUPS-415K[-x]-PBF UPS of 15 kilojoules (4.2 watt-hours) ultra capacitor backup
    capUPS-47K5[-x]-PBF UPS of 7.5 kilojoules (2.1 watt-hours) ultra capacitor backup
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