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These PC/104 footprint battery backup power packs are designed to work perfectly with our smart charging power supplies for a complete off-the-shelf smart UPS backup power solution.  While less robust than our ultra capacitor modules, batteries have a higher capacity and can keep a system up during longer outages.

The BAT104-NiCd and BAT104-NiMh conform to the PC104 standard and have the optional PC104 stackable bus connector.  The BAT-NiMh45 and BAT-SLA are taller modules in the PC104 footprint, and no bus

Paired with one of our high efficiency smart charging power supplies to provide an embedded mobile uninterruptible power supply, these backup modules are frequently used in vehicle control systems and dataloggers in industries such as military, aerospace, mining, geological surveying and many others.  If you do not find a solution for your requirements here please contact us to discuss how can provide a custom or semi-custom solution

PC/104 Battery Backup Packs

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