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HECS 1000 Series

  • Published on Monday, July 21 2014 17:27

The HECS is a durable robust processor system ideal for data applications and concentration. This low power solution leverages over 20 years of Tri-M’s experience building and supplying PC/104 solutions. Heavy duty and rugged to sustain shock, vibration and temperature the HECS is designed to meet your industrial needs.

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Tri-M's new TBP4xxx series

  • Published on Thursday, November 28 2013 17:14

Tri-M's new TBP4xxx series of ultra capacitor backup power modules when mated with a Tri-M HESC or HPSC smart charging power solution creates a complete uninterruptable power system (UPS) in a PC/104 footprint. The TBP4xxx are extended temperature, maintenance free, high cycling and designed for hostile environments of extreme temperatures and vibration. This rugged backup energy module is ideal for applications that have either a large number of discharge cycles or where a “maintenance free” solution is required such as remote and hard to access locations.

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Tri-M's TCB1000 series

  • Published on Wednesday, November 27 2013 17:19

Tri-M's TCB1000 series provides PC/104 communication solutions for rugged and hostile environments. The TCB1000 includes isolated RS232 and RS485 serial ports, isolated CANbus port, Multi-Tech® Universal Socket compatible SocketModems and programmable isolated LED status indication. The jumperless module is easy to configure and once configure the settings can be locked.

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Tri-M has a new home

  • Published on Wednesday, July 31 2013 16:27

On July 1, 2013 Tri-M Technologies Inc began operating from its brand new facility in Mission, BC, a suburb of Vancouver. Tri-M is adding its name to a growing list of high tech businesses in Mission’s burgeoning high tech sector.

Ed Foster, President of Tri-M and long time resident of Mission adds, “All business owners like to have their operations close to where they live, but Mission is also where many of our employees live as well.”

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Why use ultra capacitors for backup power?

  • Published on Monday, July 29 2013 17:08

Ultra capacitors have a much higher life cycle (almost unlimited) than chemistry based UPS systems thus not requiring expensive service calls and loss of revenue to service and replace batteries.

The ultra capacitors can be very quickly charged and when sufficient energy is stored the connected equipment can be safely started because a safe and systematic shutdown can now occur if main power was lost.

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