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PC/104 UPS and Universal Charger with Solar Panel Support

The V12SC-SER when integrated with a backup power source is a rugged uninterruptable power system (UPS) supplying up to 12V@ 5A and 5V@ 1A for use in remote and hostile environments. The V12SC-SER can be powered from a solar panel or from a vehicle power source. The input power protection is designed to MIL-STD-1275 requirements and can handle transients and load dumps found on heavy vehicles such as large mining trucks. 

The PC/104 footprint is easily integrated with other modules such as CPU, communication and I/O modules . The universal charger can handle NiCd, NiMh, SLA, Li-Ion, ultra capacitors and SMBus backup power sources. The V12SC-SER-UPS includes on-board NiMh batteries providing 6.3 watt-hr of backup energy. 

The V12SC-SER has two RS232 ports for data monitoring and control. One port has 2500Vrms isolation and includes 5V@ 200mA making it ideal for remote sensors for sunlight intensity and solar pnel temperature. The second port includes 5V@ 1A of power for devices such as a low power CPU. The 5V power on the serial ports are independently switchable to the 12V output. 

Three full color RGB LED indicators on the V12SC-SER provide operational status and an additional three off board RGB LED indicators can be used for remote status indication. The LEDs can be remotely controlled over the RS232 ports permitting indication of other functions.


  • Solar panel input compatible.  When the energy from the solar panel is insufficient the V12SC supplements by drawing power from the backup power source
  • PC/104 footprint and height compatible
  • Wide input range, 7V to 40V DC
  • Transient suppression designed to MIL-STD-1275 levels
  • Mechanical shock & vibration designed to ML-STD-810 levels
  • Multi-chemistry universal charger, supports NiCd, NiMh, SLA, Li-Ion, ultracapacitors, and SMBus
  • Wide temperature range
  • Isolated RS232 port for remote sensors and data monitoring complete with isolated 5V to power remote sensors
  • Specifications

    Electrical Specifications

    Input Voltage Range and Protection

    • 7 to 40VDC input range
    • Transient surge stopper designed to MIL-STD-1275 levels
    • 12A high current fuse on input
      (Note: V12SC-SER-UPS is limited to a maximum of 35 watts by the capabilities of the onboard NiMh batteries)
  • Output Power

    • 12V @ 5A
    • 5V @ 1A (on serial port 2, CN10)
    • 5V @ 0.2A (isolated 5V on serial port 1, CN9)

    Backup Power Charging and Protection

    • 9 to 20V @7A charging
    • 8.4V @ 6.3 watt-hr [22,600 joules] (nominal V12SC-SER-UPS)
    • High current fuse 10A rated, socketed and field replaceable
    • High temperature thermal cutout 84C rated (V12SC-SER-UPS)


    Mechanical/ Environmental

    • Footprint: 3.55 x 3.775" [90 x 96mm]
    • Height: 0.6" [15.24mm]
    • Weight (V12SC-SER) 2.9 oz [82 grams]
    • Weight (V12SC-SER-UPS) 6.1 oz [173 grams]


    • -40 to 185degF [-40 to 85degC] (V12SC-SER)
    • -14 to 122degF [-10 to 50degC] (V12SC-SER-UPS, limited by onboard batteries)


    File Type Description
    V12SC-SPEC-20150116.pdf Spec Sheet V12SC Spec Sheet

    Ordering Info

    Part Number Description

    PC/104 size, 12V main output, 5V low power output, smart charging output for external backup power source, solar panel input compatible.



    Same as V12SC-SER but includes onboard NiMh batteries. External backup power sources not supported. NOTE: Power and temperature limitations due 
    to onboard NiMh capabilities.


    Where [-Cy] is the optional conformal coating selection.
    "-CS" is silicon conformal coating
    "-CU" is urethane conformal coating
    "-CH" is Humiseal #1B73 conformal coating

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