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WIDE-GPS: Re-Radiating GPS Antenna

WIDE-GPS Signal Booster for Vehicles

2 meter range External magnet mount Internal suction mount DC Power

Manufacturer: Tri-M Technologies



GPS Signal Boosting Kit for Vehicles

WIDE GPS is a complete GPS L1 band signal re-radiating unit with dual antennas to retransmit real-time GPS satellite outdoor receptions to an in-door environment, primarily in vehicle applications. The Helix type in-door antenna system allows multi GPS receiver users to perform On-The-Fly normal receiver performance within a closed environment, while the magnetic GPS antenna is located in an out-door location.

System Description

The system kits are designed to operate as whole, it includes a high gain external GPS antenna, precisely calibrated amplifier circuit with Helix type indoor antenna and a power supply regulator built-in.

Applications / Coverage

The re-radiating indoor circuit with Helix type antenna can support any type of GPS receivers that use the L1 band 1575.42MHz frequency. It can provide good signal reception to a distance of 2 meters or more, depending on indoor noise environment. The indoor Helix antenna can be used and located in the following: Vehicle, Bus, Trains, Ships, Aircraft, Multi-receivers, Laboratory, Sailing Boats, Rovers, and Office.


  • 2 meter GPS Re-Radiating distance
  • Current consumption: 30 mA
  • Frequency: 1575.42 MHz (L1 band)
  • Temperature: -30°C to +85°C
  • DC adaptor supply 8 to 30 VDC


File Type Description
widegps_spec.pdf Spec Sheet WIDE-GPS Spec Sheet

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WIDE-GPS GPS Signal Booster kit for Vehicles, GPS antenna & re-radiator


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