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RM3000/ RM3100

Geomagnetic sensors using magneto-inductive technology



RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensors

The RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor is the highest performance sensor in its class with over 10 yimes better resolution and over 20 times lower noise than the leading Hall Effect sensor. It makes precise magnetic field measurements, which enables accurate calculation of heading and orientation.

The earth’s magnetic field provides absolute reference for heading measurements and accurate mo&on tracking. Geomagnetic sensors are used to measure the earth’s magnetic field; however, in real world conditions, the earth’s magnetic field is often distorted by other surrounding fields. System components such as batteries, shielding materials, or motors will distort the geomagnetic field near the sensors. An additional design challenge is the changing magnetic environment that temporarily distorts the field like metal parts in furniture, a passing car, or nearby cell phones and computers. Geomagnetic sensors must first be able to see the different magnetic fields in order for the designer to separate earth’s magnetic fields and compensate for the distortions.


Linearity over ±200 µT 0.6%
Maximum 3-Axis Sample Rate 550 Hz
Interfaces SPI and I2C
Dimensions (l × w × h)MagI2C ASIC 4.0 × 4.0 × 0.75 mm
3DMagIC ASIC 5.0 × 5.0 × 0.9 mm
Sen-XY 6.0 × 2.1 × 2.2 mm
Sen-Z 3.0 × 3.0 × 5.75 mm


File File Type Description
RM3100_Version_5.1.pdf Spec Sheet RM3100 Spec Sheet
RM3100-User-Manual.pdf User Manual RM3100 User Manual

Ordering Info

Part Number Description
90053 RM3100 Sensor, includes 1 ea MagI2C, 1 ea SEN-Z & 2 ea SEN-XY
90043-F RM3000 Sensor, includes 1 ea 3D MagIC, 1 ea SEN-Z & 2ea SEN-XY 



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