Small Form Solutions

Advanced Power Supply Technology

Defy Hot and Cold Extremes

Withstands Shock, Vibration and Dust

No Service Requirements


Configure. Manage. Protect.

Enables setup, control and calibration of the module

Protects from harmful environmental conditions

Schedules tasks including self tests and fault detecting

Monitors inputs, outputs, environment and interfaces

Logs history of operation and events

Tri-M products are build to withstand high vibration and repetitive shocks, extended temperature conditions and severe electrical transients but there are times when environment conditions might exceed even these capabilities. PowerOS monitors the environment conditions and acts to mitigate risks to the system. In addition, PowerOS notifies the host CPU of the environmental risk and logs the event for later review.

Products with PowerOS include TUP1000, TPS1000-512, TPSi1000, TPSi2000, TCB1000, TBP battery and ultracapacitor products.

PowerOS is also available on Tri-M's HESC104, HESC104+, HESC-SERD, HPS3512, HPSC104-SER and V5SC-SER-UPS.

Tri-M’s PowerOS commands are used to enable, protect, schedule, monitor and log system operation.

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